Using traditional dressage methods which are based very firmly on her mentor Henk Glijn technique whose pedigree is unrivalled - with over 35 years of experience, Henk credits the late Piet Oothout, one of the most influential masters of dressage and Chef d Equipe of the Dutch Olympic Team, with providing the foundation for his success. The riding philosophy focuses on the achievement of balance through finesse not force and a back to front common sense approach. 

In addition Corine has the pleasure of also being trained by Shelia Neumann - Shelia is a recognised Senior EC and HCBC Judge in multiple divisions. In performance and training Shelia has achieved many national and international awards and continues to educate herself with clinics, travel and observation.  "In this passionate life long pursuit my greatest reward is the moment trust is transferred and the mind and spirit of the horse connect happily with the will of the rider"


Currently Corine can be found as a resident Dressage Coach & Trainer at Sun Meadows Equestrian Centre in Kamloops, BC, her experiences over the last three years of clinics with the top level judges and trainers in the world have been remarkable.  Her goals have been clarified, and the testimonials received on her own riding abilties have solidified her resolve to represent Canada at the highest level of the Sport.

                                                                       Nicole Ketter on It's a Boy Thing - Bronze Champion at Sun Meadows Show 2013


2014 was a hugely successful year for Corine's students - Corine was instrumental in the success of Nicole Ketter firstly becoming National PC Dressage Champion in 2013 and reserve Champion 2014 and then attained her A Level with an astonishing 83% in her flat ride. 

Jesse Biddlecombe & Nicole Ketter, students

And, huge Congratulation to Alex Lukey a former working students, Corine helped find her current outstanding event horse, Sonnet, and her debut training clinic with Nick Holmes-Smith of Summer 2014 saw her achieve enormous success.


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